Thursday, February 21, 2008

Military Summer Leadership Programs

Summer is right around the corner. If you feel your child needs a boost of self esteem or motivation, Military Schools can offer an exciting summer program that helps your child build their self confidence.

Leadership Programs can help your good child that is starting to make some bad choices, get back on track.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sue Scheff on Military Schools

As a parent of a student that graduated Military School, I can speak from first hand experiences. My son started Military School in the 8th grade and graduated with Honors. He will tell you that there were some hard times, but in the end, he wouldn't have changed a thing.

Here is some valuable information from my website:Military Schools and Academies offer a student the opportunity to reach their highest academic potential as well as build up their self-esteem to make better choices in today's society.

We encourage parents to let their children know that Military Schools are a privilege and honor to attend and not for troubled children. Military Schools are not for punishment; they are a time for growth.With many students the structure and positive discipline that Military Schools offer are very beneficial.

It not only encourages them to become the best they can be, it enhances them to grow into mature respectable young men and women. Many students do not realize they would enjoyMilitary Schools until they actually visit the campus and understand the honor it is. Military Schools will give your child the vision to reach their goals and dreams for their future. The high level of academics combined with small class sizes creates a strong educational background.

Many ADD/ADHD students do very well in a Military School and Military Academy due to the structure and positive discipline.If your child is ADD or ADHD you may want to consider this type of environment. Many parents start with a summer program to determine if their child is a candidate for Military School.Military Schools and Academies tuition's vary.

Most start at $20,000.00 per school year. There is financing available through lenders and some scholarships. For more first hand information on Military Schools email me at